Can You Speed Up A Divorce?

Can You Speed Up A Divorce?

No reasonable person wants a long, drawn-out divorce. The longer the process takes, the more money it costs, the more time it takes out of your life and the greater chance there is that disagreements with your spouse will grow into serious conflicts. If you have kids, you also increase the stress on them.

Being able to work with your spouse is key to moving the divorce along. That means compromising on things that aren’t particularly important to you. If you do, your spouse will be more likely to reciprocate. Determine what is worth fighting for, but don’t expect to “win” on every issue. It’s not possible.

There are a few ways to try and get what I call “a happy divorce.” Try not to have an emotional divorce and avoid mudslinging.

Put your differences aside as much as you can during the proceedings, but I really appreciate how stressful it can be.

I think it’s important that parties have their financial disclosure organized. This is because you have to provide full disclosure in order to have settlement.

Also people have a tendency to involve third parties like their family or friends, and that can really complicate matters.

I suggest that you remain child focused, and try to be as respectful as you can to each other in this difficult time. Divorce is hard enough, you don’t need more issues to deal with that will only make it worse.

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