Celebrity ‘Quickie’ Divorce. Is It A Myth?

Celebrity ‘Quickie’ Divorce. Is It A Myth?

The recent publicity surrounding the American celebrities Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has yet again thrown light on the media obsession with celebrity separation and divorce.

It is almost inevitable that almost as soon as a celebrity couple has announced their separation that the media reports that the parties have obtained a “quickie divorce”.

The term implies that celebrities are somehow able to fast track the legal system and that all legal issues are wrapped up in record time. So do “quickie divorces” really exist and if so, how can us mere mortals obtain one?

Well the short answer is no, they don’t.

There is a specific timetable for the divorce to proceed through the Courts and whether your name is Joe Bloggs or Brad Pitt, there is no way to circumvent this.

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