Your Divorce Community

Your Divorce Community

A divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. How you approach the divorce and manage the divorce both emotionally, legally and financially can have a huge impact on your ability to recover and rebuild a better life for yourself. They key is don’t try to go it alone.

Women work best in a community but when experiencing divorce you must build your community that can provide both objective advice while supporting and encouraging you to make the best decisions for your future.

Men tend to go it alone, but that mindset should change and building a community will also be beneficial to get through those tough times.

Think of your community as if they are the 5 prongs that hold up a diamond:

Your divorce community must incorporate one of each of the following. (It’s important that you formally ask for their help and get their commitment to be available to you and a part of this community.)

A Family Member who understands your situation and challenges but can also be objective with their advice and support.

A Friend who can commit to supporting you and provides sound and objective advice but who can listen and empathize when needed.

A Solicitor that is recommended and that you LIKE with whom you feel will provide the best council.

A Financial Coach who provides not just financial advice but the education you need to understand your money and what it means to your future.

A Life Coach/Counsellor who will not just be a sounding board but provide action steps to help you move forward and improve your life.

Think of a beautiful diamond ring, that diamond is held firmly in place by prongs that do not hold that diamond down but together supports that diamond so everyone can see its beauty and brilliance.

You too can become that diamond again, but it starts with building your community.

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