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Scared To Call A Divorce Lawyer? Don't Be

Scared To Call A Divorce Lawyer?  Don't Be

One of the things that lawyers often forget is that they can be intimidating.  

You may experience a variety of emotions when your marriage ends, such as fear, anger, hurt, anxiety or even depression.  You may have to endure constant conflict at home;  you may be losing sleep or have deep concerns about how you children will handle the news of the impending divorce.

As a result of the emotions surrounding a breakup, you are not generally at your best. Lawyers need to keep this in mind as they approach your first client meeting.

What Should Happen at the First meeting?

This will depend on what’s happening.

Typically you will have general questions about an impending divorce, and most lawyers will review the various divorce processes that are available (collaborative law, mediation and litigation) and describe the steps for each.

In addition, lawyer should ask a lot of questions. It’s important that they try to get to know the you as a person and learn as much as possible about the your spouse and children (if any).

An lawyer should try to gain a good understanding of the psychological and financial situation you’re in, in order to make any necessary referrals to psychotherapists, divorce coaches, estate lawyers and/or financial planners for specialised advice.

Many divorce lawyers work closely with other professionals to make sure all of your divorce-related questions are answered appropriately. Remember, a lawyer is not and cannot act as a tax advisor or a psychologist, for example, so it’s essential that you, as the divorcing spouse, hire the right professionals and keep your lawyers informed.

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